Airside Products Sales, Inc.
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Submittals and Other Useful Information

         Click below to upload submittals for your use:                            Click below to upload specifications:

                     Fire & Smoke Dampers in the 1-1/2 Hour Rating.                                          Airfoil FSD/SD Standard Specification
                                                                                                                                                     Class 1 FSD/SD Standard Specification
                                  FSD-141 Standard Submittal                                                                      Class 2 FSD/SD Standard Specification  
                                  FSD-142 Standard Submittal                                                                      
                                  FSD-151 Standard Submittal                                                                      AutoCAD FSD/SD Detail
                                  SD-141 Standard Submittal                                                                        FSD/SD Drawing Notes
                                  SD-142 Standard Submittal
                                  SD-151 Standard Submittal
                       Out of Partition / Face Access FSD Submittal                                                
                        Fire Smoke Dampers in the 3 hour rating range.

                                  FSD-341 Standard Submittal

                                                                                Other useful information to upload:
                                  FSD/SD Order Sheet                                                                                Smoke Detector Specification
                                  Airside Products Sales Presentation                                                       Round Duct Specification
                                  FSD O & M Manual                                                                                   Belimo Actuator Arrangement Guide
                                  Sound Attenuator Installation Guide
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